Exercise Dvds For Obese Women

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Wish you could fly, slam, shoot, and move like an elite pro athlete? Let the games start with INSANITY: THE ASYLUM™ workout program. Former track-and-field star Shaun T will push you to dig deeper that is has ever been with the first in-home sports-specific training program based on drills employed by professional athletes. Commit to this 30-day program, and you will get an unbeatable athletic edge.

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Storylover (Philadelphia, PA USA)

I discovered Insanity the Asylum to be a lot tougher than the other Beachbody products. As an example, halfway through the Vertical Plyo workout (THE most difficult, in my opinion), I am usually longing for Plyo X or regular Insanity. I would rate the Game Day workout the single best workout in the entire Beachbody family of products. You go from sport to sport to sport and the time flies by. Two times I yelled at Shaun T "you have got to be kidding!" After Game Day, I attempted to complete Overtime (a 25 minute add-on), but was too worn-out.

I can't get the hang of jumping rope (plus my ceiling is too low), so I simply follow the gal who is not using a rope either. Additional workouts I can not do very well, so I improvise.

I like all the Beachbody instructors, but Shaun T is the best. He is all business and very motivating. He does move from one exercise to the next rapidly, therefore you should pay attention and press "pause" when necessary. He has some good lines. My favorite is, "If your 30 second break turns out to be only 10 seconds, that's your problem."

I recommend this product very highly. I am a male, 53 years old.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

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